“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”
(Noam Chomsky)

Giorgio Pino

Scientific Coordinator

Professor Pino is the Module coordinator and the primary lecturer. He has been a Full Professor of Philosophy of Law since 2016, and has constantly been teaching since 2005. He has extensive international experience (e.g., he has been Professeur invité at the École de droit, Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne (2013, 2014), and Eupadra Visiting Professor at the IALS London (2016)). He has also been a Visiting Fellow at Columbia University (New York, 2007), Oxford University (2009), and the European University Institute (Fiesole, Fernand Braudel Fellow, 2013). Professor Pino has also a longstanding experience in post-graduate teaching, in successfully mentoring PhD candidates, and in organizing international conferences and seminars (the last of which has taken place at the last IVR World Congress, Lucerne 2019). His areas of expertise, on which he has published extensively, include legal interpretation and legal reasoning; fundamental rights; privacy and free speech; constitutional interpretation and sources of law.

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Dario Ippolito

Professor Ippolito has been an Associate Professor of Philosophy of Law since 2013. He is also qualified as an Associate Professor in Modern History. He has vast experience in undergraduate and graduate teaching as well as in organizing seminars, conferences and other teaching activities, involving professors from different countries around the world. He is a foremost expert on Legal Enlightenment and specializes in topics such as the theories of punishment, democratic theories and constitutionalism as well as criminal law theory. His focus in the Module will be on issues at the intersection between free speech and democracy as well on the borderline cases of free speech.

Fabrizio Mastromartino

Professor Mastromartino is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Law at the Law Department, Roma Tre University. He holds a master degree in European Parliamentary Institutions (Sapienza, University of Rome) and a Diplomatura internacional de Especialización en argumentación jurídica (University of Alicante). He teaches philosophy of law, legal argumentation, as well as law & bioethics. His main areas of expertise are: theories of fundamental rights, legal interpretation and legal reasoning, constitutional interpretation, conscientious objection and freedom of speech. In the Module, Fabrizio will lecture on the philosophical foundations of freedom of speech with particular emphasis on the principle of human dignity.

Patrizio Gonnella

Professor Gonnella is a Researcher in Legal Theory at Roma Tre University where he teaches Legal Philosophy and Sociology of Law. He holds one PhD in Human Rights (University of Padua) and another in European Law (Roma Tre University). As the President of the NGO Antigone, Patrizio is active in the fields of human rights, criminal justice and deprivation of liberty. On these issues he has directed research projects, organized international conferences, and written extensively. As a lecturer in the RESPECT Module, Patrizio will teach about questions of holocaust denial and holding a seminar on the role of human dignity in judicial cases regarding free speech.

Matija Žgur

Matija is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Law, University Roma Tre. He holds a Law degree (University of Ljubljana), a Master degree in legal philosophy (University of Genoa) and a PhD in human rights and legal philosophy (University of Palermo & University of Girona). He is also co-editor of Revus – Journal for Constitutional Theory and Philosophy of Law. His research interests lie in topics related to fundamental rights, general theory of law and decision-making in the public administration. He is the group’s point person for all logistic and organizational issues regarding the Module.

Arianna Colonna

Arianna is a PhD candidate in Philosophy of Law at the Department of Law of Roma Tre University. She holds a Law degree from Roma Tre University and an advanced Master’s degree in criminology. Her research focuses on legal epistemology and the rules of evidence.

Valeria Fiorillo

Valeria is PhD candidate in Human Rights at the University of Palermo in co-tutorship with the University of Nanterre, France. She holds a Law degree from Roma Tre University and a LLM in International Human Rights Law from the University of Essex. Her main area of interest, as well as the subject of her dissertation, is the legitimacy of the limits to free speech, especially concerning denialism.

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